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3 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm’s Morale

The law profession has undergone significant changes over the last decade. There was a time when retaining your law firm talent was as simple as offering a robust compensation plan while ensuring a steady workload. However, as we highlighted in one of our prior posts entitled, “Reducing Turnover at your Law Firm” those days are long behind us. This is due in large part to the changing dynamics of the legal workforce.

Although law school graduates are entering the profession in record numbers, the number of top-flight graduates has lagged. As a result, the top 20% of the talent pool are experiencing record demand. Hence, not only is it easy for these attorneys to find new opportunities but other organizations recruit them aggressively. So unless your law firm offers its employees a strong sense of fulfillment the likelihood that you can retain top talent is low.

In fact, if your organization is not adjusting to the changing legal environment, office morale will deteriorate; and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Here are three ways to boost morale/fulfillment.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment Many times, we equate pleasant work settings with office decor. Hence, we tend to associate the term healthy work environment with video game rooms, elaborate coffee stations, ping pong tables, etc.

The truth is, that although that works in some instances, creating a positive work environment often has more to do with fostering a collaborative, transparent, inviting, and a well-organized office than a fancy workspace.

Give Your Talent Room to Grow Although not everyone shares the same motivations, typically the most ambitious talent is driven by growth. However, since only a small fraction will make partner, giving your team room to grow must be about more than promotions. It’s about building a culture that exposes the talent to ongoing opportunities to grow, train, and network as an attorney.

Foster Continuous Improvement You not only want to nurture an environment that facilitates your team’s growth but ideally, your firm should be in a constant state of improvement, as well. One way to ensure your firm’s continued development is to build it into your office’s DNA. Make growth, self-improvement, and continued learning the pattern.

Finally, develop an exit interview process. When properly implemented, an exit questionnaire can give you the tools to improve employee morale and chart your firm’s future. The bottom line is that when your staff is happy, talent stays onboard, and productivity rises.

Of course, the good news is that as a legal recruiter, Onboard Staffing understands what it takes to boost your organization’s morale. So let us help you build a world-class team, call us now at (855) 732-7242!

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