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Attorney Hires – Are You Ready for Generation Z

Time continues its march forward and with every advance comes a new generation ready to burst forth into the workplace. This current crop is Generation Z: a group of individuals who exhibit many of the same characteristics as their Generation Y parents

but with a few distinct differences.

To better utilize Generation Z’s talents it is important that your law firm understands this demographic.

Group Responds Well to Structure One of the best things about the upcoming generation beginning to fill law firms is that they understand the value of structure. Generation Y was instilled with the importance of strong family structure, so their children naturally identify with and even crave structure.

This aptitude for structure is a plus for your law firm because your office is most likely already designed to encourage an orderly operation. Here are a few ways you can turn this generation Z trait into an asset for your organization:

  • Clear Intentions Give every area of your office and professional space a clearly defined role within the structure as a whole.

  • Do Not Deviate Generation Z responds well to predictability so limit deviation within the workplace. For example, if an area has been designated for research, try not to use it for anything else.

  • Signage Make the signage in your office apparent and straight to the point.

These strategies are tailored to generation Z and should make members of this community feel at ease and therefore more productive in your work environment.

Technology and Generation Z If you thought Generation Y was tech savvy, just wait until you get a load of what generation Z can do. The previous generation was not born with social media and internet collaboration tools. Generation Z, on the other hand, knows no other way to work and live.

This can be a huge benefit for your law firm. Take a look at the following list of Generation Z attributes that will help your firm keep up with the times:

  • Multi-Tasking You may have older employees that are proficient online but this new generation entering the workforce exhibits strong online multi-tasking skills. This skill is a great boon to productivity and efficiency for any team.

  • Online Gaming Believe it or not, the avid online gaming that generation Z is so prone to can actually help them develop leadership and goal-reaching qualities. Try giving some of your younger interns or new hires the opportunity to head up a small project.

Of course with any upside, there is bound to be some downside. Namely, Generation Z’s proficiency with online tools has dampened their face-to-face communication skills. However, as an authority in your firm, you can implement real-time interaction exercises within the office to get your new hires ready to work together, as a team—in-person.

No matter which crop of talent you want to attract, OnBoard Search and Staffing is here to help you make the transition. We understand personnel and how to tap the attributes of the individual so that they can excel in any working environment. Contact us today and discover the power behind you with OnBoard.

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