• Richard Brock

Cybersecurity: An Opportunity for Lawyers

Job Description: Cyber Insurance Attorney Insurance boutique firm seeks an attorney . . . A focus in Cyber, and Professional, D&O and Corporate Liability is a plus.

From small businesses to large corporations, cybersecurity is a hot issue. In reality, every business, even those in seemingly non-technical fields, is affected. Even the companies with the tightest, most secure system in place are finding themselves in need of attorneys specializing in cybersecurity issues, attorneys who are experts at:

  • Cybersecurity laws and ordinances

  • Legal compliance with local, state, and federal privacy legislation

  • Security and data privacy regulations

  • Civil litigation if/when a data breaches occur

  • Corporate governance

  • Coordinating response planning, as well as incident responses

Since the level of preparedness and steps taken to prevent data breaches plays a significant role in determining if the company that was hacked/breached is a victim or a responsible party, it is imperative for corporations to have either in-house counsel with experience in cybersecurity matters, a law firm with cybersecurity expertise, or both. It is likewise crucial for both in-house and outside counsel to be laser-focused on staying current with trending developments and best practices in cybersecurity.

The overwhelming magnitude of needs created by cybersecurity issues has resulted in law firms and in-house legal departments hiring more talented law professionals who have the education, experience, and intuitiveness to handle cybersecurity issues. But finding the right talent is time-consuming and costly. And finding talent is only the first step. The hired attorneys must be engaged and once hired, retained. This is where a reliable legal recruiting service can make all the difference between a highly successful search for a cybersecurity attorney and a drawn-out, frustrating HR venture.

At Onboard Search and Staffing, we have been placing professionals in significant permanent positions for our clients for more than 30 years. We believe that staffing experts should work on staffing and recruiting in the areas where they have the most experience and knowledge. That’s why we have legal experts recruiting talent for law firms and in-house departments. We connect firms and businesses with a deeper, wider pool of cybersecurity lawyers and legal experts. Contact us today and be ready for the cyber war.

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