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Design Your Resumes for Law Positions

Investigation: Law firms are not all created equal. They have different criteria, different areas of specialty, different hierarchy, etc. You are an attorney – investigate. Discover the big picture and the tiny details.

  • What is the firm’s key practice areas?

  • What is their key strategy for growth and operation?

  • How involved is their training for new hires?

  • What is the culture?

  • What is their professional reputation?

  • Are there any news stories spotlighting the firm?

Opening Statement: Study the job description/posting. What are the firm’s priorities and needs? Now, write your opening statement – objective – targeting those points. Match your essentials – educations, skills, outstanding cases, etc. – to their requirements.

Write your “brief: Be concise. Be specific. Use power words. Tell your story – the whole of your law education, specialty skills, experience, but make every word carry a punch. Focus on how your story wraps itself around their needs. A great attorney knows how to dig for the truth, how to tell a story, weaving in all the pertinent details, and persuade the hearer that his way is the best choice.

Deliver the evidence: Show that your skills and abilities – including soft skills – match their position.

  • Keep it easy to read.

  • Include skills, awards, publications, power cases that align with their requirements.

  • Include specific examples of past work and the resulting success.

  • Keep your information up-to-date.

  • Ensure Accuracy. Honesty, truthfulness, and integrity are absolutely essential in a resume.

Pull at the “jury’s” heartstrings: Don’t limit yourself to the cold hard facts. Show that you are a vibrant human being. Share your hobbies, interests, volunteer activities, etc. Keep it brief and use examples that exemplify your skills that fit the position.

Be ready for the cross-examination: Be able to speak intelligently about everything you have listed on the resume. Ensure total accuracy. If you are invited for an interview, they will certainly ask you about different points – be ready to deliver the “wow” factor.

The Final Proof . . . read: Proofread the entire document. Ask a friend to proofread it also – a fresh set of eyes can find the mistakes that your eyes missed because you knew what you meant to say.

In Conclusion: Use your skills – the ones that enable you to be a great attorney – to write an impressive resume; and then come to Onboard Search. We specialize in matching star resumes with best-fit positions. We have connections with legal firms and we can find the best positions for you. Contact us today and discover the Onboard difference.

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