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Do Attorneys Need Legal Recruiters?

When it comes to finding a job, the legal profession is like many other professions. On the one hand, you’ll always have graduates who find a job right out of law school, settle into it, and end up working for the same firm for decades.

On the other hand, there are those who find a job and work there for a few years to build experience before jumping ship to work at a different firm. Regardless of whether you are the former or the latter, it is important to have as many resources at your fingertips when you are beginning your job hunt.

This is where a legal recruiter becomes your best friend. Consider the following advantages of connecting with an experienced legal recruiter.

Relationship Experienced recruiters have relationships with numerous law firms, corporations, and other employers seeking to fill vacancies in their legal departments. They have fostered connections with multiple legal venues. Additionally, experienced recruiters are adept at building relationships with job-seekers – using their industry knowledge to help candidates focus on their career plans and objectives, unique gifts and talents, personality, and professional style. They listen to the needs of their candidates and when sought, can offer a wealth of solid advice – from information on specific openings and companies to interview and resumes tips – irrespective of age or experience.

Time and Availability Tend to Favor Legal Recruiters Have you ever gone job hunting, found the perfect job posting, applied for it, but never heard back from the prospective employer? How much time do you spend scouring ads to find a posting, prepare and submit your resume, without getting anything to show for it?

A recruiter will not only make sure that candidates are taking their searches to the right firms, but they will also serve as your representative – within the firm – ensuring that your resume is seen and that an interview has been set up between the two parties. A good recruiter also works with candidates by helping them to assess the job market and identifying improvements that could benefit the attorney.

Support and Guidance A good recruiter does more than find openings and talk to the right people. They are with the candidate through every step of the job search process, from the initial decision to change jobs to the last signatures on a contract with a new employer. They will tell you about the firm or company, their reputation, where the job you are applying for might take you, and many other useful pieces of information.

So if you are looking for a new in-house or law firm position, enlist the support of a legal recruiter. Of course, we encourage you to contact us – Onboard Search and Staffing. We have caring, committed, and experienced recruiters ready to help, but whether you choose us or someone else, contact a recruiter today. Your career journey will thank you.

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