• Richard Brock

"Marketing” Your Firm to Talent

Competing for talent in today’s market is challenging. It requires maintaining a grasp of the big picture, as well as an intentional focus on the details.

So, what is the big picture?

The big picture is your firm’s bottom line and fulfilling your firm’s mission statement. In other words, every hire is chosen to undertake specific responsibilities and fulfill a designated role that, in the end, contributes to the firm’s profitability. Every candidate you hire is part of a strategic step toward your firm’s business goals. Just as you “market” the firm to potential customers, attracting business; you must also “market” the firm to talent.

And the intentional details?

Share your Firm’s Story: You must answer the “why” question. Why should talent want to work at your firm? Your website should help tell your story.

  • Create a website that is professional, but also warm – one that highlights your firm’s culture, conveys your mission, and tells stories that support

  • Link your careers page to your homepage – make it easy for talent to see what’s available.

Establish a Strong Connection with Law Schools: Build a reputation among future talent.

Involve Current Staff: From entry-level clerks to top attorneys, create a team approach that helps attract talent to your firm.

  • Engage your staff – it builds their trust and makes your firm more attractive.

  • Obtain staff referrals – they are often a source of desirable talent.

  • Involve your staff in the interview process – team decisions provide a broader perspective and yield better results.

Treat Potential Talent Like Clients: You aren’t just hiring additional staff – you are selling your firm to potential talent that will ultimately help build both your reputation and your bottom line.

  • Compensation and benefits – know what the market is for your talent targets. If you want the best, then be realistic about what that will cost you.

  • Sell your firm’s strengths – don’t be afraid to brag about your firm and its successes.

  • Fit your approach to the position – attracting attorneys may require different tactics than legal support staff.

  • Choose diversity – it will increase your firm’s respect from your clients, as well as potential talent.

Building a strong legal practice takes drive, goals, and commitment. It also requires the talent needed to maintain your firm’s growth and reputation. Onboard Search and Staffing is here to help you do just that – connect your firm with the best talent. Our legal search consultants are not only outstanding recruiters; they are experts in the legal industry. Contact us today and let us introduce you to the very best in legal talent.

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