• Richard Brock

Success in the C-Suite

Seeking talent to fill C-Suite positions within a firm requires looking beyond a law degree. Knowledge and in-depth experience of business within the legal realm are the keys. If you are seeking a Chief Executive Officer who will play a pivotal role in the firm’s current and future success, it’s time to search deeper and wider. A vibrant successful C-suite depends on multiple skills – both hard and soft, including:

Ethical leadership. The ability to create a vision, inspire the rest of the staff to connect to the vision, and then implement it with integrity.

Authenticity. Personal insight – knowing who you are and then living by those standards – the courage to be real.

Legal fitness. An understanding of law firm structure. Having a keen understanding of the legal mind and methods, and the ability to work within those realms.

Business development. A comprehensive grasp of company information and the finesse to connect it to company growth and communicate the details to law firm staff, enabling them to improve their personal areas of practice. Providing support for client pitches and producing client communications.

Marketing. Integrating business development into the workflow. Executing events, building a brand, generating new business, spotlighting the firm in the client arena.

Financial strategy and pricing skills. The ability and insight to see beyond the billable hour. Understanding of the value of experience, knowledge, and skill.

Strategic thinking/communicating skills. The ability to understand problems, establish and interpret goals, and then communicate clear reasoning along with expectations, seamlessly executing those goals via multiple platforms and levels.

Time in the trenches. Experience – years of it – is often more crucial than education. Knowledge that was gained by application.

Technical knowledge and skills. A keen comprehension of technology, its impact on operations, and how to capitalize on the advantage it brings to the legal world.

People management and client relations: The ability and insight to connect with staff as well as with clients.

Identity and cultural perception. The ability to perceive a firm’s culture, and then enhance it, establishing a unique brand and strategically building on it.

Securing talented Chief Executive Officers is a time-consuming task. Connect with Onboard Search and Staffing. We understand the legal field. Our in-depth understanding of law firm needs is backed by our legal and recruiting experience. The Onboard team of proven professionals have taken their experience, expertise, and market knowledge to create a world-class firm of recruiters, search consultants, and staffing professionals. We are ready to meet any talent solutions need you might have. Contact us today to learn more.

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