• Richard Brock

Transforming Discontentment into Positive Change

Once upon a time, you were content. You loved your job. You loved your life. But now you sense a restlessness – like there was something you wanted to do, but you could no longer remember what it was. Maybe it’s even affecting your productivity. So, what can you do to find connect once again to the joy of what you do? Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective, and maybe it’s time for a career change.

Either way, we say “congratulations.” Why? Because you just cleared the first hurdle – facing the truth and admitting there is an issue. Now, what can you do about it? How can you turn your discontent into a motivator for positive change?

Reflect. Ask yourself these questions.

  • What did I enjoy the most about my work?

  • What brought me the most satisfaction?

  • Why did I gain enjoyment and satisfaction from those assignments?

  • Are those still a part of my routine, or have my responsibilities changed?

Maybe it isn’t your work at all, but circumstances in your personal life. If that’s the case, reflect a little on the situation. Don’t dwell on it – just give yourself a brief overview and then choose to change your response, your attitude toward the circumstance, and your perspective on it.

  • If it aligns with a time of loss, find reasons to give thanks.

  • If someone hurt you, choose to forgive

  • If you made a blunder, forgive yourself and determine what you can learn from it for the future.

Once you pinpoint some of the “why” factors – take an action.

Start by decluttering. It will help bring a fresh perspective. Clear:

  • Your thoughts – anything negative from the past or about the present/future.

  • Your schedule: make time to just be, take time for family and friends.

  • Your things: clear the excess and keep the thing you need – the things that bring purpose.

Take positive action:

  • Take care of yourself – exercise, get more sleep, eat healthily.

  • Develop a hobby that brings you peace, tranquility, and joy or energy and excitement.

  • Learn something new that not only enhances your resume but brings you a measure of satisfaction.

  • Take time to create.

  • Volunteer – help someone.

  • Spend more time with those who matter to you.

Concentrate on “positive” talk. Change negative statements to positive. For example, instead of saying “you’re wrong,” ask “Have you ever considered doing it this way? Or “What’s your take on this perspective?”

As you start to renew your inner satisfaction, you can be more discerning about your work. You will gain a clearer picture of what needs to be changed.

  • Was it primarily a personal issue and your career is on track?

  • Do you appreciate the company culture and want to stay, but need to try a new challenge or work in a different department?

  • Is it time to polish your resume, throw in some training, and make a career change?

Whatever your decision, as you continue your journey, connect with Onboard Search. We will be your support team. We help people who want to make changes. We help them focus on what matters the most and find a position that encourages their needs and aspirations. Contact us today. We make a difference.

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